Step-by-step Guide: How to convert MP4 to AMV?

How to convert MP4 to AMV using MP4 to AMV Converter

  • Step 1: Free download MP4 to AMV Media Converter, click twice the .exe and install.
  • Step 2:Launch this professional MP4 to AMV Media Converter after successfully installed. Double click this MP4 to AMV Media Converter, then you will see the following screen.
  • Step 3:Click the button "Add File" on the top left of the interface to add your MP4 files, then you can load your favorite MP4 files to convert to AMV format, you will see the following screen:
  • Step 4:Settings: Click “Settings" to open the settings window.
  • Step 5:The "Profile" provides you with optimized output file profile templates for you, here you can choose the output format as AMV file format, and under the "Destination", you can click "Browse" button to choose the destination folder you want the AMV video output files stored.
  • Step 6:Click button to start MP4 to AMV conversion.
  • After successful completed the converting from MP4 to AMV , the result will be stored on the destination folder you previously selected.